The #pinkarmy prides itself on kindness,
charitable actions, and positive thinking .


Open to the community
We look forward to your suggestions.

With Love

Driven by our passion and devotion
to spread Pinkcoin across the universe through autonomous crypto trading platforms like that lets you trade bitcoin autonomously.


  • Proof of Work: 2 minutes, Reward 50 coins
  • Proof of Stake: 6 minutes, Reward 100 coins
  • Flash Proof of Stake: 1 minute, Reward 150 coins
  • Average block time POW/POS: 90 seconds
  • Average block time POW/Flash POS: 40 seconds
  • Rewards halve every 2 years
  • Absolute coin cap is 500,000,000 coins.


It is a classic POW/POS based coin with a fixed POS reward with the added flavour of a new technology: Flash Staking. This increases the stake rate and reward structure during pre-selected peak hours of the day.

This reduces the overall block count over time while retaining the confirmation speed that Pinkcoin is known for. There are 4 selected 1 hour durations each day.

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