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  1. Really glad you set this site up Aaron. It will provide a great opportunity for people to connect and fund raise using pinkcoin.ca as a hub. Allowing fundraisers to collect micro tips through forms of social media. Can’t wait to see what is possible when people start using pinkcoin as a donation tool.
    Cheers Andrew

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    1. Thank you for your support! If you run the wallet on windows you can stake your holdings and mint new coins right from home. This process is called Proof of Stake and when you participate it rewards you for helping to secure the network by running the wallet. Just like earning interest! Feel free to ask any questions, the wallet is linked on the site.
      Take care.

  2. Three thousand pinkcoin to the next person who tweets to @pinkcoin_etc saying they found the pinkcoin pot of gold!

  3. Check out the button in the menu for a free ticket per draw! All proceeds go to the #Donate4Life wallet which is well over 1 million coins and growing! #thinkpink and spread the love with us!

  4. Just at a quick heads up we will be added to the next Bitsquare update. Pink will be listed on the world’s first decentralized exchange! Stay tuned for more!

    1. Pinkcoin is proof of stake so you will have to download the wallet and buy coins to produce more. Open the wallet for staking and you will receive 1% interest on your holdings after 10 000 blocks.

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  5. Wallet has been syncing for several days now and only at 35%. Someone looking into this? Bootstrap available?

    1. Unfortunately we have no immediate plans for mobile but would love someone to take the lead and develop one. Currently we are raising funds to support contracting out these services as they will be an eventual part of the pinkcoin brand. We have had talks with quite a few developers but some of the requested payments are a bit steep. Pinkcoin has no ICO funds or premine to draw funding from, so this really comes from our pockets or our ability to build ourselves. As a charitable coin we rely on amazing people who believe in the pink vision to volunteer their time. If you know someone who is interested in helping please don’t hesitate to drop us a line! We will have one eventually!

  6. do i just swap the .dat file from the old pinkcoinwallet with the coins i have for the new pinkcoin wallet .dat i download?

    1. Steve did you get the wallet synced? Sorry I failed to notice the msgs and hope you found your solution. Please visit slack.with.pink for your auto invite and get real time help.

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