Did you just recieve a tip! Was it a 50/50 ticket or just straight up pink? Spread the love via micro-tipping and enjoy the feeling of giving... Our twitter tipbot we call "Pinkbot" is always ready to assist on Twitter in two ways. Send tips in the form of a 50/50 ticket which draws every two weeks or send pinkcoin directly. Its really quite easy. Follow @pinkcointips and follow the commands. If you need help we are always a tweet away!

What is #Pinkcoin? Based off the popularity of bitcoin pink is a digital currency designed to fund raise for people in need while having fun on twitter and beyond.  We are hard at work building our new wallet and redesigning coin specs to support the #Donate4life campaign. Right now we need to spread the pink love and show the world the power of giving.  Even if it is a small amount it feels amazing.  Buy some pink and compliment that killer tweet or send a gift to lift someone spirits in a tweet!  As the brand grows those micro tips are not so micro any longer, that's when the power of pink really kicks in.  You can get started today!  Do it!  Make this the start of your digital currency experience, log on to Bittrex.com for your bitcoin address and go buy some bitcoin with your debit card off an exchange or use our quick top up via Paypal.  Just think, you are moments away from being able to send 50/50 tickets to your favorite tweets!


See it's about being different and taking things to the next level. #Pink dares to care, dares to innovate, dares to be charitable, honest while daring to keep you guessing what's next. #ALTruism is king, our #Pinkarmy united. Everyone listens when we lay down that #PinkPower BOOM. #Pink4Life. Want a piece of the #PinkLove? Jump on board, everybody's welcome. #ThinkPink as part of our #PinkArmy and you could see real #PinkProfits and even be our next #PinkcoinMillionaire. Together we #StandPink, daring to make a difference, build a better coin, and a better tomorrow.