We have a growing community in our Slack channels. Share or create your own place to contribute within the #pinkarmy umbrella. Slack is a wonderful way to stay in touch and team build while working towards our goals. A place where like minded folks can share a few laughs before bed or just enjoy some positivity. Head on over to  slack.with.pink  and say hi! Don't forget your profile pic!

Oh Twitter where would we be without you? I bet Pinkbot brought you here didn't he? Careful he is infectious and soon you will be trolling twitter just looking to tip! Twitter is more than just tips though so check out  @Pinkcoin_  and  @pinkcoin_etc  for that Twitter love.

You prefer the actual forum style of communication?  We have that too over at Bitcoin Talks, it's easy to set up a profile and a great way to see up and coming coin projects in the crypto community!  Why not head over and share your thoughts.  It's always exciting to meet new people!