Exciting new coin upgrades planned for fundraising, hang tight while we are awaiting construction!

 We can always use help securing the network, please feel free to download our Windows wallet.

Click here to download your pinkcoin wallet!

First download and extract the link on this page to your PC. Open the wallet and it will start syncing the chain. At this point you need to leave the PC running and download the block-chain which can take a few days.  For those who know how to use a bootstrap file here is the latest link.


Once you have the chain downloaded you can send a test amt to ensure all is well. 

If no issues are present send the remaining funds and encrypt your wallet. Please write down your encryption password somewhere safe, if you lose it consider your coins gone.  

Now we can start minting coins right on your PC by unlocking the wallet for staking only. This setting can be found under the settings drop down menu and activated by entering your encryption password.  

Thank you for supporting the network by leaving your wallet running as much as possible.